The Overview to Rule them All!

I have migrated everything over to now. Going forward all of my auras will be updated with the links below since you can just update the string without making a new link – if you go to Pastebin none of the auras will be current, up to date or support any more, in fact 90% of the links are expired now, view this post for why I did this!

This will have EVERY update noted even if there’s not a new blog post about it.

Below are the links for each set of auras:

If you want to grab only a few of the auras in any given pack you can extract them from their respective pages; I’ve made a post about this here.

In addition if you want to grab how my UI fits around these auras you can take a look at this post I’ve made where you can grab the basics of my UI!

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This is gonna be weird…

The following post is a random thing for Affliction that became a reality because of some poor soul named @Witts* who thought it would be easy to do something for Warlock.
*This was also made possible by @Honor

Have you ever wanted a way to see how many Fatal Echoes procs you’ve gotten?


Introducing the slightly automated, fairly FUN interesting way of finding out your Fatal Echoes procs!

Click on the following link for the full tool and instructions:

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I guess there was some kills….

First things first we…..didn’t expect to 2 shot Skorpyron or 1 shot Chronomatic Anomaly so these recordings were not an actual saved file….just a ripped highlight…..hence potato quality….but enjoy nonetheless!

World 1st Mythic Skorpyron:

World 1st Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly:

Just to note…..this fight was shortly hotfixed after we killed it using this strat (each buff was 15% extra damage vs 50% now on live).

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Warlock Weak Auras Update 7.1.5!

As is tradition with patches there are new updates for all my Weak Auras, today I have completed the update for 7.1.5 for all Warlock specs, below you can find the updated strings:

Of the changes here are the most notable;


Added Wrath of Consumption and changed Compounding Horror tracking slightly to be less obnoxious since it’s less important.


Overhauled Havoc tracking/trackers; now shows the ability active/cd/usable in one aura and a bar showing the target you have Havoc applied (their name & HP %). Added in support for Lord of Flames.


Updated values for TKC tracker and increased the value showing for TKC damage predictor (now shows more accurate information past 1M, 2M, etc), added in support for tier gear for both Call Dreadstalkers and Wild Imps (also made some slight changes to Imps spawning from Impending Doom).

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So…..what have I been doing lately…

Lately I’ve been doing a number of things; leveling alts, gearing alts, farming AP, theorycrafting 7.1.5, not sleeping as much as I should, among other things.

One thing that I’ve been working on is a “One Stop Shop” for my resources and have an alpha version of that which I’d love feedback on.

While you peruse this resource I’ll just go over my intention for this project;

I am hoping to have it fully functioning with multiple sims (as you can see there are a few there, but I plan on having more), links to my own resources and spreadsheets, gearing strategies, hopefully my Demo Warlock guide, videos and much more.

What am I looking for with this feedback? I’m hoping that people can give me ideas or brainstorm with me on layout, design, page ideas (yes I plan on making different things different pages), additional resources that I can link to, etc.

Eventually I hope to expand it to be across the board for all Warlock specs with multiple people contributing but one small step at a time!

Thanks for reading, hope you all have great New Years!

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PTR (AKA: Don’t Freak Out!)

I made this video with the intention of it being a bit shorter but one thing led to another and well…it turned out to be longer than expected. Just some personal thoughts about the new changes that happened during the December 5th PTR patch.

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How to Sim relics easily

Step 1:
Install SimC addon –

Step 2: Copy your character information from typing /simc

Step 3:Paste the information into a new Simulate tab

Step 4:Set up a copy and replace the gem_id with the relic id you want
If you’re going to be gaining or losing item level, add ,ilevel=What the weapon ilevel would be

Step 5: Press Simulate and wait

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7.1 vs 7.1.5 Secondary Stats

With 7.1.5 comes a change to secondary stats, basically what they’re doing is increasing the amount of stats you need to gain 1% of that stat. Blizzard believes that by doing this it will decrease the inflation on secondary stats and make us want to favour our primary stats instead. Unfortunately for some classes and specs (Demo in particular comes to mind) the stats we are stacking directly affect literally every single ability and spell we cast/have.

With this change it will only make Haste even more important than it ever was before (there is exactly 0 spells or abilities, pets included, that don’t scale off Haste).

For simplicity sake I made a reference sheet for Warlocks (all specs/races) so that you can easily see the swing of your stats going into 7.1.5:

Reference Sheet with my current stats (non editable):
Reference Sheet that you can play with (editable):


Seems I overlooked that they buffed the amount of secondary stats on rings and amulets which offsets the stat differentials, for example…



This led me to just make a brand new sheet with all my gear laid out by stat to show the % difference between them which can be viewed here:

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