Protection Paladin Weak Auras v3 (Current as of 4/16/2016)


I’ve taken a considerable amount of time on remaking the Protection Paladin auras because I wasn’t sure where to start eliminating auras. I’ve decided to remove all Blessings and all rotational abilities except for Shield of the Righteous and (because of the mitigation being important) and am still thinking about what to replace Consecration with, if anything.

Here are all the abilities that it currently tracks:

  • HP (Current HP/Total HP)
  • Consecration (CD/Usable)
  • Shield of the Righteous (Charges, Charges=0, Recharge Time)
  • Guardian of Ancient Kings (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Aegis of Light (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Divine Steed (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Bastion of Light (CD/Usable)
  • Ardent Defender (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Eye of Tyr (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Divine Shield (CD/Active/Usable + Forbearance)
  • Light of the Protector (CD/Usable)
  • Hand of the Protector (CD/Usable)
  • Avenger’s Shield (CD/Usable)
  • Avenger’s Valor (Active)
  • Avenging Wrath (CD/Active/Usable)

Bolded * = New or changed

Any suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome so that this can be improved upon!

Code can be found here on Pastebin in two parts: part 1, part 2. Please note this is a HUGE import so your client may have some freezing/locking up – this is normal as it is importing the full WA package.

I’ll also include all the extra auras that got removed from the main set in case anyone wants them:

  • Hammer of the Righteous (Charges, Charges=0, Recharge Time)
  • Blessed Hammer (Charges, Charges=0, Recharge Time)
  • Blessing of Freedom (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Blessing of Protection (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Blessing of Spellwarding (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Blessing of Sacrifice (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Blessing of Salvation (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Judgment (CD/Usable)
  • Repentance (CD/Usable)
  • Blinding Light (CD/Usable)


  • Bug reports
  • Possible reformatting of auras
  • Possible removal of HP aura (under consideration)

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Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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2 Responses to Protection Paladin Weak Auras v3 (Current as of 4/16/2016)

  1. jessie2cv says:

    Hey are these strings still applicable is 7.1 or do they require updating to allow for any changes (not played for ages so no idea if there have been any major changes since April)?

    • Not says:

      Currently not updated, no. Don’t actively play my Prot Pally anymore so they kind of fell off. Not sure what all is/isn’t working.

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