Havoc Demon Hunter Weak Auras v6 (Current as of 4/23/2016)

The newest version of these auras can be found by clicking me!


Just a quick update to change the Fury bar to actually trigger off the new Fury setting with Weak Auras 7.0. Also changed Darkness to the new value of 8s from 10s. Everything else remains unchanged.

  • Fury bar and an indicator of when 40 Fury is for your Chaos Strike/Annihilation*
  • Demon Soul
  • Bloodlet (Duration/Current damage roll)
  • Fel Rush (Recharge timer/Stacks/Indicator when you have 0 charges)
  • Vengeful Retreat (CD/Usable)
  • Prepared (Active)
  • Momentum (Active)
  • Nemesis (Debuff on target/CD/Active/Usable)
  • Metamorphosis (CD/Usable)
  • Eye Beam (CD/Usable/Not enough Fury)
  • Chaos Nova (CD/Usable/Not enough Fury)
  • Blade Dance (CD/Usable/Not enough Fury)
  • Blur (CD/Usable/Active)
  • Netherwalk (CD/Usable/Active)
  • Fury of the Illidari (CD/Usable/Duration)
  • Chaos Blades (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Fel Barrage (Stacks/CD/Indicator of 0 stacks)
  • Felblade (CD/Usable)
  • Demonic Appetite (ICD)
  • Darkness (CD/Usable/Active)*

Bolded * = New/Changed


  • For Nemesis in order to differentiate if it’s showing the debuff or buff version of it I have opted for it to display the duration of the debuff version (on the target) of Nemesis to appear with yellow text and for the buff version (on you) to automatically display whatever version of the buff you currently have with green text. It should be obvious which is which on the stack of auras but just in case this is how it will display for now.

Any suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome so that this can be improved upon!

Code can be found here on Pastebin in two parts: part 1, part 2. Please note this is a HUGE import so your client may have some freezing/locking up – this is normal as it is importing the full WA package.


  • Think of implementation for showing damage of Anguish
  • Possible reordering of WA based on talent rows

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