Weak Auras 7.0 and Alpha/Beta + Updates

Just a little post to update everyone since today I kinda went through all the aura sets to make sure I updated everything properly and do a little bit of maintenance on them. As of this post everything is up to date and current. You can either navigate the top links for each class to see all the auras (including a history of each version if that’s something  that intrigues you) or you can click on the following links for each spec individually:

Havoc Demon Hunter
Vengeance Demon Hunter
Affliction  Warlock
Destruction Warlock
Demonology Warlock
Elemental  Shaman
Frost Mage
Protection Paladin

In addition to updating all the auras I have out now I’m also still working on the remaining Mage specs (Fire/Arcane) and from there will move onto Balance Druid, Shadow Priest and maybe Hunter specs (though I’m likely going to not play a Hunter so may skip on this last ranged class).

For those who aren’t familiar with Weak Auras or care to follow them at all they also released their 7.0 version of Weak Auras and you can get the zip to extract into your Alpha addons folder by clicking the link here.

Finally just want to give big props to anyone who visits here, didn’t think I would get as much traffic as I actually have been getting lately so it’s definitely cool to see that people are getting more and more interested in WA for Legion!


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Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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