Affliction Warlock Weak Auras v9 (Current as of 5/24/2016)


Added a couple things for tracking, namely Compound Interest and changed how Siphon Life is displayed (now shown as a progress bar with pandemic ranges included) which also moves where Sow the Seeds and Soul Harvest is tracked just for simplicity sake and to avoid having no blank spaces. There are also certain auras that are now using sound files as queues (as a test just Compound Interest is using them), any feedback about them is greatly appreciated.
For now I am opting to still use Doomshards (see this post for instructions on how to install my own setup of it) however since there’s no Soul Shard prediction necessary for Affliction I may just revert back to using WA to track Soul Shards (for now if you want them back click here).
I’ve also gone ahead and redone the strata of any talents that are taken but have nothing to track (Contagion for example and others like it) to fill the void without drawing as much attention to them since they track nothing but the talent being selected. Lastly, I had to enlarge the main background space to fit over the additional row of progress bar that I added all the necessary links for updating your auras are below.

Here is a list of all the auras included:

  • Mana Tap (Active/Missing/5s Warning for expiry)*
  • Contagion (Talented)
  • Absolute Corruption (Talented)
  • Writhe in Agony (Talented)
  • Drain Soul (Talented)
  • Soul Harvest (CD/Usable)*
  • Sow the Seeds (Talented)*
  • Siphon Life (Target)* – Shows Pandemic range
  • Phantom Singularity (CD/Usable/Duration)
  • Tormented Soul (Duration/# of Souls/Showing zero Souls)
  • Deadwind Harvester (Active)
  • Summon Doomguard (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice (Active/Missing)
  • Grimoire of Service – All Pets (CD/Active)
  • Unending Resolve (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Soul Leech (Active, Absorb amount)
  • Mortal Coil (CD/Usable)
  • Howl of Terror (CD/Usable)
  • Dark Pact (CD/Usable, Absorb amount)
  • Soul Effigy (only if Soul Effigy is on focus)
  • Soul Effigy Out of Range indicator (only if Soul Effigy is on focus)
  • Soul Conduit (Talented)
  • Burning Rush (Active/Not Active)
  • Demonic Circle (Missing, Out of Range indicator, Usable, CD)
  • Haunt (CD/Usable)
  • Trinket 1 — Placeholder
  • Trinket 2 — Placeholder
  • Shoulder Enchant — Placeholder
  • Enchant Neck – Mark of the Fallen Sentinels
  • Enchant Neck – Mark of the Trickster
  • Enchant Neck – Mark of the Loyal Druid
  • Heroism/Bloodlust (Active/CD)
  • Unstable Affliction (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Corruption (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Agony (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Unstable Affliction (Target) – Shows Pandemic range & if Contagion is talented it displays a different bar colour to indicate the 15% damage buff
  • Compound Interest* – (Displays Red for 1-3 stacks [not optimal use], Yellow for 4 stacks along with a bounce animation and a Humm sound effect [can use to avoid overcapping] and Green for 5 stacks also has a glow effect and a Wham! sound effect [perfect usage])

Bolded * = New/Changed
All auras tested and working!

Any suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome so that this can be improved upon!

Code can be found here on Pastebin in three parts: part 1, part 2 and the extras for backgrounds, trinkets, enchants and Heroism/Bloodlust are in part 3. Please note this is a HUGE import so your client may have some freezing/locking up – this is normal as it is importing the full WA package.


  • Bug reports
  • Possible reformatting of auras

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5 Responses to Affliction Warlock Weak Auras v9 (Current as of 5/24/2016)

  1. Tyler Cagle says:

    the corruption timer bar when talented into absolute corruption is not working properly in 7.0.3 live. think it has something to do with returning a nil value. pls help!

  2. Trevor Rawlins says:

    How do I copy the xCT+ profiles? Can’t figure it out. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question

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