ElvUI Beta update for mini patch on 6/3/2016

The mini patch on Friday made all custom textures break resulting in lovely green colours everywhere!
The main culprit is that ElvUI uses custom textures for basically everything and as a result I use it as well for basically every progress bar. There is a quick fix that you can apply yourself by following these instructions:

  • Navigate to ‘ElvUI\media\’ in your ‘Interface\Addons’ folder
  • Find ‘sharedmedia.lua’ and open in your favourite text editor
  • You’re looking for any files that end in ‘.tga’, they include ones ending with normTex, normTex2, Minimalist and glowTex
  • At the end of the filename replace the ‘.tga’ with ‘.blp’ and save the file
  • Launch Beta and your textures will be fixed!

Alternately if you don’t trust yourself to type in or replace all the right things you can go here https://www.dropbox.com/s/0aekobtxffqwsb5/ElvUITextureFix.rar?dl=0 and replace the same folders in your Interface\Addons folder with the ones in that rar file.


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