wago.io and you!

There is a fantastic new site that can be used as an alternative of Pastebin for Weak Auras called wago.io! It will parse any Weak Aura and tell you all the parts of it but also show you the code/warn you of any custom code in the aura you are going to import, etc.

It’s still in a very early stage of life so be gentle with it as you use it and browse the categories and search function.

Going forward all my Weak Auras will be posted there (and I’m working on transferring them all over as I type this) under my profile, which can be found here. (Profiles seem to be bugged right now and only show a few auras as such I don’t have links to all of my auras once that’s working I’ll transfer all the data from Pastebin to wago!)

If you wish to partake in the journey Ora is going through with this project feel free to drop into the Unofficial Weak Auras Discord, specifically the Wago channel.


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Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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