Demonology Weak Auras LUA Errors

Recently caught wind of some people having a lot of LUA errors when using the Demonology auras.

I forgot that there were extra functions that you could enable with the ol_functions Weak Aura set that could cause some LUA errors with the aura set.

To stop the errors from happening just import this aura to add the extra functions. They are disabled by default and not configured but you can add them to your liking if you wanted to track them through the ol functions. Specifically it can track Doomguard/Infernal duration (and if affected by Demonic Empowerment), Grimoire of Service (and if affected by Demonic Empowerment) as well as Darkglare (and if affected by Demonic Empowerment).

Otherwise there’s nothing else to add for this auraset so far, you can report any further errors for this or any other set on this site, Twitter or Twitch.


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Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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