Normal Xavius – Demonology/Destruction

Recently did Normal Xavius and since both my Destro and Demo Artifacts were decently leveled decided to try both and see where they were at relatively.
The kill at the end I was Destruction but overall both specs were fairly even but Demonology was very focused on the Xavius himself and doesn’t have too great of target switching for adds in Phase 2 making it a little less optimal to play compared to Destruction which has a lot good options for target switching and especially with 2 target cleave.

Overall I think Destruction will be the more optimal spec to play mainly for the cleave damage it can provide in many of the phases however on an overall basis both specs played fairly equally in terms of DPS, with Destruction edging out Demonology by around 8-12k or so. A very fun fight.


About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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4 Responses to Normal Xavius – Demonology/Destruction

  1. martin says:

    I was sure that demo was the spec to play in legion, but after i have seen your video, im not sure ill go the lock way, think mage is more me

    • Not says:

      It’s hard to tell what to go based on current tuning. Lots of classes are either bugged or not tuned to where they should be. Demonology in Emerald Nightmare specifically isn’t a spec that is really well optimized for the instance itself. I’d consider holding off making your judgement until all the tuning is flushed out :).

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