Demonology Imp/Dreadstalker bars

Just in case anyone was having issues with them the most up to date version (since I’m not able to update it myself right now!) can be found on here on OOMM’s Wago page:

Remember with these auras you must have them all in your WA window but not all of them have to do loaded. For the bars you don’t want to see just make them load never and you won’t get any errors.

You may have to do some formatting for your UI but make sure you follow the notes on the auras so you don’t accidentally break them!

I’ll have PC access at the latest Sunday to address a number of issues that have come up since prepatch went live. Thanks for your patience!


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Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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One Response to Demonology Imp/Dreadstalker bars

  1. Destro says:


    thats 4 all that fantastic WAs!!! They are sooooo good and Thx 4 your Guide. Is it possible to get your UI not only the WAs? Thx a lot.

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