Warlock Weak Auras Fixed!

Sorry for the delay on these fixes but I was out of town all week until today! However, I have fixed all the errors that everyone has been getting in a more efficient manner and did 1 small update for Affliction (a new Soul Effigy DoT tracker).

In addition wago.io had an update as well and you can now group your auras into collections so that they are more easily found/grouped together and since I fixed Warlock first, I went ahead and created Collections for them all as well (the fixed auras/updates can be found in the full collection as well):


If anyone has any more LUA errors or issues with them, let me know ASAP. I believe I got them all fixed that people were having issues with but I might have missed some…maybe.


About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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12 Responses to Warlock Weak Auras Fixed!

  1. Joshua Thorpe says:

    Only problem I see is with Wreak Havoc, the Havoc bar just stays solid.

    • Not says:

      Thanks, I’ve fixed it now. Can just reimport the 2nd Part of Destruction now and it’ll have a Wreak Havoc one.

  2. ripley says:

    amazing work bro I rocking your Demo and Afflic just now. I noticed Afflic doesnt have a low mana mana tap icon but demo does. Is there a quick fix or something you need to add to afflic script?

    • Not says:

      I removed the mana auras from all of the sets, only thing(s) that will say anything about mana are the Mana Tap auras (for Affliction and Demo), otherwise I opted to not have anything mana in auras.

  3. plazm0id says:

    Ney Not,
    thanks for fixing your Weak Auras, amazing work! whats the addon/WA called that you use for your Soulshards in the middle of your screen? Any chance for us to get your ElvUI code please?

  4. Inkalunis says:

    Hey, I really like your WAs, they are very elegant and seem very useful but don’t work on the french client 😦 what should I change? I tried to change name spells etc but it didn’t work and i’m afraid it just breaks the WAs

    • Not says:

      You should just be able to change the spell names to their French version or just use spellids instead and they should work ok

  5. Brandon says:

    I am having LUA issues with the Demo Set 1 still. I have fresh install of game and still generating too many errors. Any suggestions?

    • Not says:

      What LUA error are you getting? There’s only 1 possible one I believe with the first set and it’s resolve by downloading the addon called zPets.

      • Brandon says:

        That was exactly the issue. I overlooked the zpets and now that i installed no more Lua errors! Great work here btw! Appreciate all you do.

  6. Not says:

    Great. Not having LUA errors is a relief!

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