Weak Auras ‘Final’ Edition

From here until Legion launch (except for when Demon Hunter come out August 9th) there won’t be any more little updates until the ‘final’ update before Legion launches…some things that will be changed for Warlocks;

  • Grimoire Service: Felguard, Darkglare and Doomguard will have Demonic Empowerment support
  • Demon Count will be updated to not use zPets and will include support of Felguard in the total demon count
  • Tiny optimization of the Imp Counter
  • Revamp of the ‘General’ import and will include my own settings for Cyous trinket tracker so it’s placed in the right spot and removing enchant support for Trickster and Fallen Sentinels (since they no longer matter to track as they are just straight damage procs vs Loyal Druid which is a buff)
  • Better Havoc aura for when you use it to show enemy name that it was casted on
  • Removal of extra Grimoire of Service auras from Destro/Aff that you’ll probably never cast because Grimoire Service pets have the same benefits as your normal pets from their ‘class fantasy bonus’

Biggest changes coming for Demo basically only because it has the ‘most complex’ things to track in an efficient manner and Destro/Aff only have a couple each that are already done!


About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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4 Responses to Weak Auras ‘Final’ Edition

  1. Emareh says:

    Hi Not! Someone linked your WA pack to me and it was exactly what I was looking for.

    Just a quick question though: do I need to install zPets and Doom Shards for it all to work? I installed them this morning and found them to be redundant with your WA, so I’d like to remove them if possible.

    Also, are the changes above what you’re GOING to be adding? or are those the changes that are live on wago.io?

    Thanks again!

    • Not says:

      For now zPets is needed for the Demonology pack but you can do a simple /zpets hide and removes the UI from the screen. Doomshards isn’t necessary but otherwise I don’t have any Soul Shard tracking in place.
      Lastly, the changes listed will be what’s coming in the Final edition of the auras that I’ll put out before the actual launch of Legion.

  2. Misselz says:

    Hey, hoping you can help me with a question about Soul Effigy, in your example video it looks like you are refreshing dots on your effigy w/o changing targets from your main target. Assuming that your focus target is your soul effigy, how are u refreshing the spells without changing targets?

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