Havoc Demon Hunter Weak Auras – Legion Release Version!



Here we go! With Demon Hunters fast approaching release date of August 9th I figured I should probably update these auras so that they’re relevant!

Overall nothing huge has changed; there was some minor optimizations with a few of the auras using custom code, Kib’s new Fury bar is implemented with predictions for the level 100 talents and otherwise just a bit of reordering.

Here’s the full list of everything in the aura pack in case you want to read it over:

  • Fury bar (with Prediction for talents that generate Fury)
  • Throw Glaive (and stacks if talented Master of the Glaive)
  • Fel Rush (Recharge timer/Stacks/Indicator when you have 0 charges)
  • Vengeful Retreat (CD/Usable)
  • Prepared (Active)
  • Momentum (Active)
  • Nemesis (Debuff on target/CD/Active/Usable)
  • Metamorphosis (CD/Usable)
  • Eye Beam (CD/Usable/Not enough Fury)
  • Chaos Nova (CD/Usable/Not enough Fury)
  • Blade Dance (CD/Usable/Not enough Fury)
  • Blur (CD/Usable/Active)
  • Netherwalk (CD/Usable/Active)
  • Fury of the Illidari (CD/Usable/Duration)
  • Chaos Blades (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Fel Barrage (Stacks/CD/Indicator of 0 stacks)
  • Felblade (CD/Usable)
  • Demonic Appetite (ICD)
  • Darkness (CD/Usable/Active)
  • # of Souls currently out
  • Crit notice for Chaos/Annihilation Strike


  • For Nemesis in order to differentiate if it’s showing the debuff or buff version of it I have opted for it to display the duration of the debuff version (on the target) of Nemesis to appear with yellow text and for the buff version (on you) to automatically display whatever version of the buff you currently have with green text. It should be obvious which is which on the stack of auras but just in case this is how it will display for now.
  • When your Chaos/Annihilation Strike crits a gasping sound will occur as well indicating you can spam freely.

Any suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome so that this can be improved upon!

Code can be found here on WAgo.io in two parts: part 1, part 2. Please note this is a HUGE import so your client may have some freezing/locking up – this is normal as it is importing the full WA package.


  • None unless something fancy catches my eye (which is bound to happen)

About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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30 Responses to Havoc Demon Hunter Weak Auras – Legion Release Version!

  1. kjartan jenssen says:

    Is bloodlet dot traking not included this time?

    • Not says:

      No; I’ve opted to not include it since the damage it does or the duration of the DoT isn’t truly important, but tracking the cooldown of Throw Glaive is, more Throw Glaives you use, the more often Bloodlet will be active.

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  8. Frizzaud says:

    Can you please make an Icon WA for Throw Glaive that is identical to the fel rush tracker. I just want to track the CD of it with charges not the buff on the mob.

  9. Brandon says:

    Mind telling me how to turn off the gasping? It scares the s**t out of me each time 😛

    • Not says:

      Find the aura called Chaos Strike and diabled it (in set 2). It’s just notifying you when you crit with Chaos Strike and get half the fury refunded.

  10. Frej says:

    Hi, i copy-pasted the code, but there are things that aren’t working, such as Glaive and Blur 😦

    • Not says:

      The set was made with Legion (and 110) in mind. Those abilities will only display when certain talents are taken. You can force them to show by changing the load settings but it will run into issues later if you don’t reset the load settings back.

  11. Philip says:

    Just loaded up your sets and they look very promising 🙂
    I have two questions atm.

    The tracker for nearby souls are showing “-6” for me atm, what is that all about?

    What about a tracker for throw glaive cd ? Is that only visible later on at higher lvls / talent choices?

    • Not says:

      The soul tracker is not working and isn’t too relevant; I’ll be doing a minor update before Legion.
      The throw glaive tracker is indeed tied to a talent row, specifically it’s tied to Bloodlet, that whole row has specific auras for each talent since it’s not worth using blade dance if you have Bloodlet and the opposite for when you have First Blood, etc…

  12. Jizeuskush says:

    Hi i would like to know if you can tell me which addon you are using and if you have a saved setup for your spells and healthbar? thx a lot i want to do like you in the video its pretty sick and full of visibility i love it

  13. Cily says:

    Blur is not showing up at all like it is in the video. Was this changed or broken?

  14. Simon says:

    Would it be possible at all to get the Fel Barrage to glow when you have 5 stacks? Would be awesome thank you!

  15. This is Awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to set this up. So helpful

  16. Nick says:

    Love this set up! I tried it out, loaded everything up. It all looks great. However, Eye Beam, Chaos Nova, and Fel Barrage are all greened out. It’s just a green square. It still shows charges/cooldowns, just not the ingame icon. Anyway to fix this? Thanks so much.

  17. DH says:

    Hi Not,

    There does not appear to be a Blade Dance Aura in this package. Can you please add one?

    Thank you!

    • Not says:

      The Blade Dance aura is only active when you have First Blood talented (since that’s the only time you’d use it outside of AoE maybe).

  18. Spazzer says:

    Love this setup, how do I get it to show all the time? I only see options for combat or non combat.

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