The Overview to Rule them All!

I have migrated everything over to now. Going forward all of my auras will be updated with the links below since you can just update the string without making a new link – if you go to Pastebin none of the auras will be current, up to date or support any more, in fact 90% of the links are expired now, view this post for why I did this!

This will have EVERY update noted even if there’s not a new blog post about it.

Below are the links for each set of auras:

If you want to grab only a few of the auras in any given pack you can extract them from their respective pages; I’ve made a post about this here.

In addition if you want to grab how my UI fits around these auras you can take a look at this post I’ve made where you can grab the basics of my UI!


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Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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5 Responses to The Overview to Rule them All!

  1. James Hinson says:

    Will you ever do a Balance druid WA auras setup?

  2. mCRM says:

    WoW awesome weakauras. thank you very much for share

  3. Martin says:

    Hello, first off thanks for these great weak auras.
    Just one small thing, the cooldown of Felstorm wrong. In the combat log Felstorm will be noted as a successful cast each time it does damage. So your weak aura is delayed until the last spin which delays the cd on the weakaura by 6 seconds. So the correct duration of the weak aura should be 39 seconds.

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