Artifact Pathing and You!

I’ve been asked a  number of times now about what Artifact to level first and how far to take it and why you don’t go all in on one, etc. There are a lot of factors that go into this most notably is what you’re trying to do in game…

  • If you’re trying to raid in even a semi decent guild and want to be able to contribute you won’t be going all in on one Artifact, you will be spreading out your Artifact Power and leveling all three.
  • If you’re looking to be a PvPer maybe you will concentrate on one of the Artifacts over spreading them out.
  • If you’re just wanting to have fun and not care about the spread or the ability to effectively play all 3 specs then you can just do whatever you want! No one will hold you back from having fun.

For me since I’m a raider I want to be able to have all tool-kits available to me, which means leveling each Artifact. Ask Mr. Robot made a very good summary of why  you want to split your Artifact Power and the reasoning behind why it is just that much better to do that. In short; once you get to 20 Artifact Traits the cost of getting to the 21st Trait is as much as it would be to level an Artifact from 0 to 16, making it far more beneficial to level your off-spec Artifacts rather than focusing solely on one.

Your plan may be different than mine but personally, assuming minimum Artifact Power farming, will be going 20 Traits into Demonology, 17 traits into Destruction and 16 traits into Affliction.

To help you on the most optimal pathing here are some pretty pictures to guide you…




These paths may change in the coming few weeks but they should remain relatively the same.


About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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4 Responses to Artifact Pathing and You!

  1. Joshua says:

    Question about the artifact relics. Do these stack, in other words, can I end up with a +6 to an artifact trait? What relics are looking to be the strongest?


    • Not says:

      Yes they do stack. I’m not 100% on the relics for Aff/Destro I know for sure though that Infernal Furnace is best for Demo, followed by Summoner’s Prowess – but ilvl is better than any trait you aim for.

  2. Spreck says:

    What’s the point in skipping the first golden trait for demonology? shouldn’t the cost at that level be neglectable?

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