Tutorial: Using Implosion for Sustained AoE/2+ Target AoE

Just going to be a written version of the video above showing you how to  use Implosion in a sustained AoE scenario or in a 2+ target AoE scenario.

Instructions follow:

  1. Cast Hand of Gul’dan
  2. Generate  additional Soul Shards
  3. Cast Hand of Gul’dan again
  4. Immediately cast Implosion

By doing this it implodes your oldest set of imps while keeping your new set alive for your next round of implosion.
Rotationally this method of using Implosion is fairly smooth, but does require a certain level of latency so that it doesn’t fail and implode both old and new sets of imps.

For more information about Demonology Warlock in Legion visit my guide on MMO-Champion.

For the full Weak Aura set-up shown in the video check out this post!


About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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2 Responses to Tutorial: Using Implosion for Sustained AoE/2+ Target AoE

  1. Felandre says:

    Hi Not,

    Could you share your views on the mobility of Demo Vs Destro? (DPS Wise)
    Thank you for sharing this with the community really appreciate it

    • Not says:

      They both suffer from movement but overall I think Demo has the better control over it considering how strong Demonwrath is on anything more than 1 target.

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