Demonology Weak Auras Update!

Just a quick update for anyone using the Demonology Weak Auras. When Legion launched a number of people experienced high amounts of LUA errors caused by LibArtifactData and the temporary solution was to just turn off the Lib Addon and just have it report lower damage than it would actually do….but now there is a solution to all our woes!

LibArtifactData has pushed an alpha version that fixes the LUA error spam, it can be found here:

Now this was apparently also caused in conjunction with the addon ERT and they have also since pushed an update to fix the LUA errors it would cause in conjunction with other addons using Artifact data.

If you’re using ERT I would highly suggest updating it and then installing the new Alpha version of LibArtifactData so you can start seeing the right damage estimation for your Thal’kiel’s Consumption!

There are still some tweaks to be done for the damage estimator (Voidsight damage against demons, WoD Legendary Ring [though less minor] and probably a few others), but you can safely turn on LibArtifactData and ERT after you update them and have a closer estimation than before.

Just in case this is all new and foreign to you, you can simply go to this post and follow the full instructions there and be fine!


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4 Responses to Demonology Weak Auras Update!

  1. captainxena says:

    Great post! Have you ever posted on other gaming sites before?

  2. jjgagnon20d says:

    Does this anyway to track the Stolen Power golden artifact trait?

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