US 9th Mythic Xavius – Demonology Warlock PoV

The US 9th Mythic Xavius kill, Demonology full video.


About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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8 Responses to US 9th Mythic Xavius – Demonology Warlock PoV

  1. Nice job! Where were you at dps/dmg wise in demo? I’m running destro and have been neck and neck with our demo lock.

    General question…what do you think is the average dps required to complete HEN and MEN?

    • Not says:

      350k ish DPS. Depends on the fight Destro can keep up/be better than Demo for sure on cleave.
      Wouldn’t even be able to answer that average DPS question aside from; enough to kill the boss?

      • lol I get it. The group I am in is extremely casual and we’re just starting heroics. Nythendra went down okay but we’re having some issues with Ursoc and I’m just not sure if it’s a dps thing, healing thing or tank thing lol. I always like to rule out dps first.

        I’m only pulling about 200-215k dps at IL 854. I’m also wondering if I am lower than I should be because my stats are not optimized. Here is a link to my profile if you don’t mind taking a look.ùrsed/simple

      • Not says:

        Mmmmm….if you’re playing Destro stats are fine, maybe a little high on Mastery, but shouldn’t be a big deal. A lot of playing Warlock right now is positioning.

      • Thanks for taking the time to look. Yeah my mastery is def too high. Seems all the haste drops I get have mastery as the second stat…ideal for affliction if bliz would only make it more viable.

  2. Giaunit says:

    Am I misunderstanding WA or is that spell rotation assist not included in the WA imports? It looks awesome.

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