So…..what have I been doing lately…

Lately I’ve been doing a number of things; leveling alts, gearing alts, farming AP, theorycrafting 7.1.5, not sleeping as much as I should, among other things.

One thing that I’ve been working on is a “One Stop Shop” for my resources and have an alpha version of that which I’d love feedback on.

While you peruse this resource I’ll just go over my intention for this project;

I am hoping to have it fully functioning with multiple sims (as you can see there are a few there, but I plan on having more), links to my own resources and spreadsheets, gearing strategies, hopefully my Demo Warlock guide, videos and much more.

What am I looking for with this feedback? I’m hoping that people can give me ideas or brainstorm with me on layout, design, page ideas (yes I plan on making different things different pages), additional resources that I can link to, etc.

Eventually I hope to expand it to be across the board for all Warlock specs with multiple people contributing but one small step at a time!

Thanks for reading, hope you all have great New Years!


About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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3 Responses to So…..what have I been doing lately…

  1. Thanks for the new demo guide for 7.1.5! Looks like supremacy will beat synergy now for ST in raids. That was one thing I was looking for.

  2. Terry P says:

    Website was sweet, but it appears to be down, really good trinket comparison chart, makes demo locks life a ton easier

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