Warlock Weak Auras Update 7.1.5!

As is tradition with patches there are new updates for all my Weak Auras, today I have completed the update for 7.1.5 for all Warlock specs, below you can find the updated strings:

Of the changes here are the most notable;


Added Wrath of Consumption and changed Compounding Horror tracking slightly to be less obnoxious since it’s less important.


Overhauled Havoc tracking/trackers; now shows the ability active/cd/usable in one aura and a bar showing the target you have Havoc applied (their name & HP %). Added in support for Lord of Flames.


Updated values for TKC tracker and increased the value showing for TKC damage predictor (now shows more accurate information past 1M, 2M, etc), added in support for tier gear for both Call Dreadstalkers and Wild Imps (also made some slight changes to Imps spawning from Impending Doom).


About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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12 Responses to Warlock Weak Auras Update 7.1.5!

  1. Ziro says:

    Really thank you so much.

  2. Zakka says:

    Having an issue where TKC dmg indicator doesn’t update on the first set of dreadstalkers or imps i summon, shows 1 demon alive when its actually 4 or more at pull.

    • Zakka says:

      Seems to happen only if i open with hand of gul’dan or summon dreadstalkers.

      • Not says:

        Strange, never heard or seen of that happening at all…..not sure what else to say other than to reload the whole set; delete all components, reload UI….reimport them all, reload UI again.

    • Academico says:

      The same happened to me, I solved by deleting al sets and impored them back. I think is important to delete previous sets before importing the new ones. Maybe some aura name get that 2,3,etc suffix and make them useless.

  3. Decypher says:

    For some reason Havoc bar (the one shows targets name and havoc duration) isn’t working on new update. Previous version is just working fine with Wreak Havoc talent, but even though I compared them I couldn’t manage to locate the error.

  4. Zirael says:

    Hey Master! I’ve got a question about your UI on your Odyn kill. How did you get a list of adds there ?

  5. Vakuums says:

    I am trying to use your trinket /wa, but can’t get it to display correct trinket images just standard “wheel”, tho timers works fine.
    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    • Not says:

      Have to edit the WA to include the right image, when the database was originally formed there were no icons for NH trinkets so the cog was used as a placeholder. Instructions are on the original page of the WA and inside the WA itself.

  6. Marc Andrews says:

    Tried getting to Wago.io to import your WA string, and I keep getting a reference error every time I click on one of your links. When you have a chance, can you make sure the links are all kosher? Thanks!

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