World 1st Mythic Odyn kill (Demo PoV)

Just a casual World 1st kill after the real fight happened before ToV released between Limit and SNF…

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Heroic Trials of Valor Boss Overview

Specs weren’t transferring properly from WoWDB, since corrected!

First I’ll just say that this is based entirely on Heroic and my opinion on what Demo spec to play and why for each fight;


P1: Consistent cleave on major targets, minor burst damage on minor targets, light/medium movement depending on what mechanics you get targeted with
P2: Consistent single target on major target (Odyn), periodic target swap to priority add, light movement
P3: Full single target with heavy movement, heavy movement

Fight analysis

  • Fight has a good range of movement from light to heavy, not the best for Demo but not the worst. Periods of time where you can do a lot of damage.
  • Basically useless on P1 minor targets but can provide a heavy source of single target damage and minor cleave
  • Heavily useful throughout the remainder of the fight


T15 is players choice


  • Having gateway down during P3 will be vital for movement as will having Demonic Circle in a central location for best usage. Burning Rush will help supplement any additional movement.
  • You’re in the raid to do single target damage to any priority target that aren’t the minor adds in P1


P1: Single target burn, light movement to soak breath
P2: Quick movement around the arena during the charge

Fight analysis

  • Fight is basically catered to Demo’s toolkit with full single target damage
  • Light movement


T15 and T75 is players choice


  • Fight is a single target burn with very light movement it plays to Demo’s strengths
  • Being efficient with your movement is crucial and being in range of Guarm during the charge phase will be where you min/max the most


P1: Single target burn, light to medium movement
P2: Priority damage on major adds (Mariner/Grimelord), lots of minor adds that don’t matter for Demo, spread AoE with Tentacles, heavy movement
P3: Pure single target with add priority periodically (Mariner), light to medium movement

Fight analysis

  • Fight has varied movement throughout the course of the encounter, slightly unfavourable for Demo
  • Lots of priority adds/mobs to focus
  • A large number of minor adds that look enticing to AoE but don’t play to the strengths of Demo


T15, T30 and T75 is players choice


  • Spec can be catered to some spread AoE with Impending Doom or more single target focused depending on what talent you go with depending on what your raid needs.
  • Focusing priority targets in all phases will be where Demo shines
  • After Mariner dies in P2, apply Doom to as many Tentacles as possible, focus high health tentacles, ignore minor adds
  • Having smart placement of Circle and Gateway will be pivotal to limiting your movement if targeted by the Orb
  • If you Doom the blobs in P1 fast enough you can get 1 tick of Doom off of them to spawn an Imp which attacks Helya after the blob disappears
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Warlock Relic Calculators

For a lot of people looking at the sim listing for relics is a real pain and it’s hard for people to compare what relic is better. I’ve modified a tool made by  Guiltyas over on the Druid Discord and made calculators for each spec, full instructions are on the spreadsheet.

Demonology Relic Calculator
Destruction Relic Calculator
Affliction Relic Calculator (Coming Soon)

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Affliction Warlock Weak Auras – Legion Edition v1.1

Download the Weak Auras on here (some of these auras do have sound effects attached to them, if you don’t want them navigate to the Actions tab and disable the sound effect):

Please note this is a HUGE import so your client may have some freezing/locking up – this is normal as it is importing the full WA package.
I would highly recommend using Cyous trinket tracker included in the collection as well since it offers tracking of all trinkets in Legion.

If you only want certain parts of the pack you can extract individual auras directly from the set right on, to help I’ve made a post about this as well it can be viewed here:

If you want to have my exact UI setup I’ve made a post about what addons are the most required and their respective profiles for you to import as well!

Finally just like always I’ll include the full list of auras included in this pack just in case you wanted to briefly scan through them all. Any changes or additions will be in bold lettering.

  • Mana Tap (Active/Missing/5s Warning for expiry – has sound effect)
  • Contagion (Talented)
  • Absolute Corruption (Talented)
  • Writhe in Agony (Talented)
  • Drain Soul (Talented)
  • Soul Harvest (CD/Usable)
  • Sow the Seeds (Talented)
  • Siphon Life (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Phantom Singularity (CD/Usable/Duration)
  • Tormented Soul (Duration/# of Souls/Showing zero Souls)
  • Deadwind Harvester (Active)
  • Tormented Souls during Harvester
  • Summon Doomguard (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice (Active/Missing)
  • Grimoire of Service – Felhunter (CD/Active)
  • Unending Resolve (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Soul Leech (Active, Absorb amount)
  • Mortal Coil (CD/Usable)
  • Howl of Terror (CD/Usable)
  • Dark Pact (CD/Usable, Absorb amount)
  • Soul Effigy casted
  • Soul Effigy NOT casted
  • Soul Conduit (Talented)
  • Burning Rush (Active/Not Active)
  • Demonic Circle (Missing, Out of Range indicator, Usable, CD)
  • Haunt (CD/Usable)
  • Enchant Neck – Mark of the Claw
  • Heroism/Bloodlust (Active/CD)
  • Sin’dorei Spite (Legendary item, Active/CD)
  • Alythess’s Pyrogenics (Legendary item, Active)
  • Unstable Affliction (Target) – Has each different Unstable Affliction DoT showing as they are applied
  • Corruption (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Agony (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Soul Effigy DoT tracking
    • Corruption – Shows Pandemic range
    • Agony – Shows Pandemic range
    • Siphon Life – Shows Pandemic range
  • Compounding Horror- (Displays Red for 1-3 stacks [not optimal use], Yellow for 4 stacks along with a bounce animation and a Humm sound effect [can use to avoid overcapping] and Green for 5 stacks also has a glow effect and a Wham! sound effect [perfect usage])

Bolded * = New/Changed

Any suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome so that this can be improved upon!


  • Bug reports
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Demonology Warlock Weak Auras Update (minor, 7.1 DE/TKC changes)

Updating to 7.1 values for Thal’kiel’s Consumption and Demonic Empowerment, follow the instructions here or on the wago link to install it:

Install Instructions:

  1. Type /WA
  2. Navigate to Demonology Warlock – Set 1
  3. Find the aura called “NL: TKC Required Functions (does not display)” and delete it
  4. Import this new aura and place it into Demonology Warlock – Set 1
  5. Reload your interface
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Demonology Weak Auras (tiny update)

Not a big enough change/update to warrant a new version but the “Set 1” auras have been fixed for Doomguard to work in conjunction with the Legendary Wilfred’s Sigil of Superior Summoning. You don’t have to fully re-import the aura set just import these two auras…it is important to note that you should delete the ORIGINAL “NL: Doomguard” aura BEFORE importing the new one:

You can safely put these auras into the “Set 1” aura group.

In addition I’ve updated the full post as well just to be safe!

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ISSUE IS RESOLVED! Carry on as normal!

For anyone trying to import my WeakAuras from there is an issue with not only mine but a number of author’s pages that has no option for importing, etc.

This issue has been reported and should hopefully be fixed soon. I appreciate your patience while this gets worked out! Unfortunately I won’t be uploading all my strings to Pastebin or anything else for now since I have many strings, etc. If it doesn’t get resolved there are  other alternatives I’ll look into.

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