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So…..what have I been doing lately…

Lately I’ve been doing a number of things; leveling alts, gearing alts, farming AP, theorycrafting 7.1.5, not sleeping as much as I should, among other things. One thing that I’ve been working on is a “One Stop Shop” for my … Continue reading

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PTR (AKA: Don’t Freak Out!)

I made this video with the intention of it being a bit shorter but one thing led to another and well…it turned out to be longer than expected. Just some personal thoughts about the new changes that happened during the … Continue reading

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How to Sim relics easily

Step 1: Install SimC addon – https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/simulationcraft Step 2: Copy your character information from typing /simc Step 3:Paste the information into a new Simulate tab Step 4:Set up a copy and replace the gem_id with the relic id you want … Continue reading

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7.1 vs 7.1.5 Secondary Stats

With 7.1.5 comes a change to secondary stats, basically what they’re doing is increasing the amount of stats you need to gain 1% of that stat. Blizzard believes that by doing this it will decrease the inflation on secondary stats … Continue reading

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Heroic Trials of Valor Boss Overview

Specs weren’t transferring properly from WoWDB, since corrected! First I’ll just say that this is based entirely on Heroic and my opinion on what Demo spec to play and why for each fight; Odyn Overview P1: Consistent cleave on major … Continue reading

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Artifact Pathing and You!

I’ve been asked a ┬ánumber of times now about what Artifact to level first and how far to take it and why you don’t go all in on one, etc. There are a lot of factors that go into this … Continue reading

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Demonology Opener 7.0

Have seen a few things asked about what the ‘most optimal’ opener will be for Demonology so I decided to think about it myself and see what comes out of my brain and put it to paper (figuratively). This is … Continue reading

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